White Man Claims Self-Denfense + is Released; After Murdering A Black Kid

Dec 31, 2022

Over the past 48-hours the nation has become outraged and have begun to raise concerns over the murder of 13-year old, Sinzae Reed. When he was initially murdered by 36-year old Murderer Krieg Butler, there was only one person who wanted to advocate on behalf of the family when his murderer was able to walk free because the Judge dismissed the charges. That person is DeJaun Sharp or Wook and he is the co-founder of The Downtownerz.

But, the bigger question is why did it take everyone so long to wake the fuck up to reality. That a white man got to walk free after lynching a black kid in 2022. C’mon on now? Y’all don’t got an answer do you. 

One might also wonder about the Columbus Division of Police, as well as Gary Tyack and his office as the Franklin Co. Prosecutor and their actions or I should say their inactions to not refile murder charges on a murder who is taunting the Reed family because he believes he has gotten away with it.

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