Please help bring awareness to elected official JUDGE KAREN Phipps Crime against black tenants in Columbus Ohio


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Please report on Columbus Ohio Court Corruption and cover ups

A black tenant right to litigate a case of severe retaliation in Franklin county Court of Common Pleas 22CV3620 Judge Karen Phipps deprived rights under color of law. The judge lied told half truths to cover up fraud known to the city and Atty for the slumlord. Phipps revoked the tenants rights because she was PRO Se with a hands down win case against slumlords that exposed elected official corruption and severe harm.


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I watched the video many times along with others we no fault on behalf of the police officer. I think had the suspect came out peacefully then all would have been okay. He heard the police he heard that dog barking. He's not that innocent remember he had a warrant.

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