Community Members Deliver Letter To County Prosecutor Gary Tyack To Resign | #Justice4SinzaeReed

#Justice4SinzaeReed Coverage

Jan 5, 2023

This afternoon, about 30 community members gathered outside of the Franklin County Municipal Courthouse prior to delivering a letter to Franklin County Prosecutor Gary Tyack.

While Tyack wasn’t in the office today, Ramon Black, the organizer of Justice, Unity, & Social Transformation (aka JUST 614) and DeJaun Sharp, co-founder of The Columbus Downtownerz hand deliver the letter to First Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Janet Grubb.

Community Demands

The community is still calling for the following demands:

1. We want Kreig Butler in jail.

Butler, age 36, lives in the building where the shooting took place. Black explained that eyewitnesses identified him that day. DeJuan Sharp, a local activist, complimented the Columbus Division of Police for arresting Butler the following day. But then pointed the blame at Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Marla Farbacher for removing the charges when Butler claimed that he shot Reed in self-defense.

2. We want the removal of County Prosecutor Gary Tyack.

They are asking for more time for the grand jury to consider the case. They do not understand what could be taking so much time when eyewitness statements are so clear.

3. We want an apology from the City of Columbus to the family.

They feel the family has been waiting too long, and in that time has endured harassment from Butler. The additional pain the family is suffering is due to the city’s negligence.

4. We want a Department of Justice investigation.

Black explained that witnesses have reported that Butler was arguing with two white men prior to the shooting, yet Sinzae was the one who was “lynched.”

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